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Deborah Casey

Holistic Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Course Creator and Instructor. Hi I’m Deborah, and this page is to share some free meditations to support your health and well-being.

Please note the copyright for most are held by Deborah Casey, however there are some that the copyright is unknown, when this changes copyright will be given.

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Ending the Agenda now
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The Journey Within
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Encoding a New Agenda based upon heart centred love
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The Lords Prayer
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Quantum K part 1
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I hope you like these short moments that aim to ease the mind, relax the body and bring clarity in life. Please share with loved ones, family and friends and let peace and goodwill spread far and wide. Stay Blessed, Namaste

I’m available for new projects. Drop me a line, and let’s create something new.

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