Author Deborah Casey 19/01/2021; Level one, beginners course in Reflexology Natural and Holistic therapy for health and well-being Introduction The following is an excerpt from our learning pathway for Reflexology course, which provides 4 stages of learning, from ‘First steps in Reflexology’ all the way through to ‘Professional qualification Reflexology course’… Your next step AfterContinue reading “Reflexology”

Hot Stone Massage

Professional Qualification diploma course Author Deborah Casey 14/01/21 Natural, holistic and complimentary therapy for improved health, vitality and well-being. Introduction Massage therapy with hot stones is a wonderful decadent therapy that is luxurious and an advance practice to add to Swedish body massage and a great addition to aromatherapy massage. Indeed the hot stones, orContinue reading “Hot Stone Massage”


Authored by Deborah Casey January 14th 2021 Excerpt from ‘A taste of Aromatherapy’ What Aromatherapists do with Essential oils! Selecting, Blending, Mixing, Diluting Aromatherapists understand that essential oils are safe to use when they are correctly diluted. The Aromatherapist will use various natural, organic oils, butters, waxes, gels, powders etc. into which they will addContinue reading “Aromatherapy”