Authored by Deborah Casey, 18/01/2021

You decide to seek therapy you have noted that inside you are not as healthy, happy or whole as you used to be. Something feels lacking, lost or low. That is your energy and your soul knows it, your soul sends messages to you through a feeling of discomfort, distress or distrust.

When you decide to seek healing through therapy you are acknowledging to your soul you have listened, paid attention and are now taking decisive and specific action.  In taking driect action you begin to confirm your rekindling reconnection to your own vital foce, spiritual divine and essential energy.

When you continue your path of listening to your soul and healing, you begin to realign to your source energy and that of God’s divine grace and with it you release, let go and liberate yourself.  As you release, you unhook and free yourself into a new liberation.

Liberation has been fought for, won and lost time and again. Today we face this similar circumstances. But in focussed attention upon the machinations of manipulators you drain your vital energy, you life force becomes sucked dried and you suffer in many ways; brain, body and being feel crushed under the invisible foot of divide and conquer.

Divide and conquer on a micro, singular scale to the macro group scale gives power and energy to those who are seeking to take your domain.

Retain you minds domain by learning to discern, to stop inputting negative notions from T.V. and media sources that stir and trigger fear, anguish, anger and resentment. Make your revenge one of healing and becoming stronger through retrieving your energy and your power.

Take a path of healing and you will find you are leading the way.

Learn, Grow, Develop

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