The Number of the beast and The Mark of the beast

The Number of the Beast

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Please feel free to share far and wide…

Please ask people their thoughts, engage in dialogue… this is your birthright

Please feel free to assert your free will… this is another birthright

So… around many platforms and even in my own small, close circle there is the fear of ‘The Last Days’, ‘The Mark of the Beast’, and the ‘Number of the Beast’.  Fear closes down our logical mind, it shuts down our hearts and prevents our personal power being experienced.  The Governments of the Globe have used the mind, thoughts, perceptions and beliefs of people to induce worry, anxiety, fear, terror, to create anger, resentment and other low and negative emotional states.  They know these feelings weaken the body and steal energy!  So what follows is a personal experience and a break through my own perception.  Please know I am not christened, or baptised = no church or religious organisation holds power over my soul.  My soul belongs to me and to God, our Creator.  Yours may have been claimed and you can reclaim it back!  

But firstly…

A few days ago I was contemplating the question ‘where has humanity gone’?  for me humanity is about kindness, compassion, supporting others, peace and goodwill to others.  The world has been hijacked, we’ve been kidnapped and held hostage – the ransom giving our will over to the Dark Lords by accepting an injection that will genetically modify our RNA and this is against Gods law.

So through the passage of time these past few days a few things came to me, in different ways.  We have a world running around in terror of the ‘Beast’, which we think is Satanic and Demonic.  Well I was in a telegram group, Hugo Talks, and someone posted a picture.  

6 neutrons

6 protons

6 electrons

= carbon…

What have the elitist globalists Demonised?  Carbon, what are they looking to reduce by any means.  And many of us have been swept up with hating Carbon.  A naturally occurring gas carbon is in every living tissue of our body, it is in every living organic organism = every animal, plant, herb and all the water in the world.  

In the scriptures we are warned about how the wicked one will mislead the masses and so we have had out mind hijacked and the education system is continuing to teach our children lies = what are the signs and symptoms of satanic forces?  Lies, manipulation, deception!

We know the scriptures have been edited by the Vatican and we know the Vatican is in the hands of the Wicked one – the Pope sits inside a specially designed serpents head seating area in the Vatican – I must admit my ignorance of exactly where but there are pictures on the internet.  And so I wonder has the Vatican – via some person – decided to incorporate this information to derail us?  How would they know this information hundreds of years ago?  

It is quite amazing what people such as Nostradamus discovered (and here what he prophesied was that in reality a spell/curse upon humanity?  Remember he used mind altering drugs and this is an access portal for the wicked one to enter a person and give them ‘prophecy’!

Well I no longer fear the number 666 because that is the carbon within every cell of my body! I do not see myself as the ‘beast’ but a soul sovereign being to God, our creator, who made us perfect and give us free will and we get to choose…

I also do not fear Nostradamus because that is only one possibility and I take you to consider the self-fulfilling prophecy – if we believe that is going to happen and put our focus on that then that is what we will experience.  I choose to place my attention on making my own self-fulfilling prophecy – simply because I was given free will, I get to choose.

I’m going to go back in time again, to a short while ago.  I was asking God to Guide me in what I needed to know… I am always given everything I require and ask for ‘ask and it will be given’ = perfect!

So I turned on my PC and up popped Black Nobility – take your time to have a look… eventually it all makes perfect sense 🙂

The next bit is the mark of the beast and will follow shortly… I will also post some links to Rumble where I have created a channel – CalmOasis, it has free meditations on there, the goal is that everyone who is burnt out, battle fatigued and mentally/emotionally and spiritually drained can gain some peace, stillness and restore, there is also a video for those who have taken the injection and just realising the risk they took – there is no longer any judgement about these people simply sadness but also hope… xxx

I had been chatting through messages with my granddaughter mum, and after sharing the thoughts about the number of the beast and a new comprehension of the number of the beast, and that this was associated with Carbon and how this natural gas, occurring in every living cell of human, animal, plant and water we are demonised by the Global elites who want to bring carbon to zero, which would eradicate the entire world, lock, stock and barrel, I then got to asking ‘but what about the mark of the beast’?

Consider the old adage, the love of money is the root of all evil.  Consider who has the greatest portion of monetary wealth!  This led to me asking God guide me, what do I need to know?  So God replied with another revelation!

Revelation 13 – the Mark of the Beast and those only those who have it can buy and sell those who do not have this mark cannot get anything!  The mark is on the head or the hand!

What is ‘mark’? a seal, a stamp, tattoo…

When you hold money what do you see?  The Queens Head! The Bank of England.  These are marks, a seal, a stamp… and without money nothing can be bought or sold…

Now we know that in the palms of the hands there are very powerful healing centres – Reiki practitioners use these central points in channelling energy though they can channel using their mind, and we all channel energy through our intention, thoughts and feelings.  Even the Christ healed through his hands, but also he was a powerful master of intention – he really knew the power!

Receiving is usually associated with the right hand… the head of the beast, the mark, of the pound is placed in the right hand, we receive this – and in receiving the mark of the beast we are in transaction to the beast but also our energy is taken by the beast through the power of our central hand chakras

The Head of the Queen, who is black nobility, placed in the palm of our hands… we see the beast every time we see the money!  The beast on energetic levels takes our energy, syphons’ our soul and keeps us trapped in slavery!  But with that insight and awareness we can now decide to link into the mind of the powerful elite if we wish and begin to bless their cells with healing and humanity, or disconnect our energy intentionally so they no longer syphon!

The great reset, in taking away fiat money, and moving to ‘cashless’ society, potentially removes the beast!  However those who are pushing the ‘reset’ avoid paying taxes through various schemes, they want to steal peoples property under the guise of ‘you’ll own nothing and be happy’, yet they will have everything through theft!

However as all things play out we see that these ‘powerful, rich, elite, globalists’ really do not recognise the law of karma, or reaping and sowing… they will receive in full measure their own medicine and thus balance is restored.  Only those with everything fear the loss of it all!

Does this make sense to you?  Does it help to clear the fear of the Beast? Of the number and the mark?  My grand-daughters mum felt it click and made sense, she felt a great confidence build and more freedom – I hope this is what you experience as we continue to grow this journey.  One last thing, I had a restless night as I felt something release from me… I have been conducting a lot of self-healing and creating the meditations – it is a wonderful peaceful feeling inside and below I share a link to a couple of things to help with the message above 🙂 Please feel free to share, and discuss, your voice being silenced is a violation of your Inalienable human rights, open dialogue allows greater expression of our souls freedom 🙂

The link below takes you too an interesting article…

The future focus forward

In the link to the Black Nobility you will see how your soul has a claim of ownership upon it.  I suggest the following:

Bless the beasts with a conscience as big as its Ego, and then leave it alone, don’t look back just keep going.

Begin with the intention to reclaim your soul, the Vatican does not have the ownership of your soul as they claim in their papal canon – you were not asked and you were not consulted about this so you could not give legal or lawful ownership of this.

You can write out a contract to yourself.  I have done this as part of fully reclaiming my birthrights.  This I felt lifted a first level of ‘imprisonment’.  Read it often and keep it close – each time you read this it confirms your reclamation and you become more free.

As time passes you may feel ready to move on and I suggest you think about your God given rights, your birth rights.  In the Scriptures it is said there are some 3000 blessings… I only think of one, my breath and this is my direct connection to God who breathed life into me.

Consider these birth rights, these are the gifts and contracts and covenants God and your soul created… They will be similar for all humanity – ultimately is the Inalienable freedoms, liberty and rights of residency on this wonderful Planet.

In the Scriptures there are directions, Laws, that humanity are encouraged to follow – these give us perhaps the first directions around public health and when read we can understand them as clear guidance that support our health and well-being.

This I feel is the starting point to moving forward on a pathway back to our Creator, and disconnecting from the world of the Black Nobility, reconnecting with our Creator we lose fear, restore faith and grow confidence in the Power that God has given us, in the Love that is ours, and the clear mind that aids us to see knowingly and to act wisely.

Ultimately our prayer, communication, chats, discussion with our Creator is the guidance we require… still the madness outside and in and hear the small voice within – the Voice of our Creator speaking softly, quietly and answering all our questions for a future focused forward…

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