A post from a telegram forum exploring current issues!

Introduction and Conclusion authored by Deborah Casey

Body of work authored by Klaus Ebner

I am a participant of various forums discussing the current Corona virus injection, keeping up to date with what is being experienced by those who have taken the injection. There have been babies dying in their mothers wombs, elderly people dying within hours and days, some within weeks of the injection. Those who have not acquiesced to harm are anticipated to experience some form of injury in the next 3 to 6 months. This is truly horrific, and very much against the Nuremburg Code, International law, and Human rights, indeed as a Common Law Country we have a duty to harm none!

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich on Pexels.com

Below is a copy and paste of a post that I found interesting, scary and yet somehow felt important to share. It raises issues we must consider.

‘It is my understanding that they are installing a modular operating system into the genome and thereby the brain, which also double as a kill switch. All accessible via Musk’s LEO satellites. This is why a Software thief suddenly got obsessed with “vaccines” and invested a few nations worth of GDP into research. The technology exists not only to send auditory signals to the brain remotely, but to actually control the human organism, muscles and all. They could theoretically launch live mechanical control over millions of people, effectively making them biological robots to do the bidding of the controllers… Like those zombie apocalypse movies they’ve been weirdly obsessed with for the last decade, just without the rotting faces.

Another interesting point is that my Lawyer told me directly not to get any of these “modifications”. His reasoning wasn’t medical, rather biological. He stated that if I consented to the modification of my DNA by this mRNA process, there would be three immediate in irreversible consequences:

  1. As I could never remove or reverse such a process, my core genetic composition would be inextricably woven with the physical and patented intellectual property of the patent holder for the “modification”. This apparently means my physical body would become the personal property of the patent holder of the Gene treatment that modified me.
  2. Moments after application, my DNA would be changed so fundamentally that I could no longer legally be considered HUMAN, and he warned every Human Right, Legal protection, Treaty and Law that protected me and guaranteed my safety would be null and void, on account of me no longer being both technically nor legally HUMAN.
  3. As the private property of a genetic patent holder, with absolutely zero rights or protections, the patent holder could do whatever it wanted with me and face zero repercussions, sanction or censure.

Now couple that with the previously mentioned remote controllable Operating system in the brain and a kill switch, and any group with C&C over such a system could literally turn half the human population of earth into a vast rampaging army set to destroy anything such a group so desired, or worse. They could literally trigger presidents to launch nuclear missile strikes… Etc ad infinitum…

Finally, There is a spiritual aspect that is for me personally the most grave of the entire situation.

CERN, as I’m sure you are aware, spent most of its research into dimensional transit, and the building blocks of the universe and life. The Higgs Bosun discovery, also revealed the very construct that binds our souls to our physical body, and I am convinced they now have a simple way to decouple that. In the interests of saving an already overly verbose post, I’ll just say they have the technology to decouple, imprison or destroy the human soul.

From the vast swaths of evidence in a multitude of disciplines, it has become apparent to me, that God, the Bible, the Mark of the Beast and the litany of clairvoyants have attested and warned of such times, are completely self evident and true. If this s not the beginning of the so called ‘end times’ I doubt the real thing would be much different’.

I took a look at CERN, and the following seemed to stand out from what I was reading… ‘CERN generates extreme temperatures – no we have the answer to global warming!’ Now we know why there is a great concern about Global warming however I do not think or believe it is to do with a natural gas – Carbon Dioxide. Yet again another lie and deception that blames humans for the Global disasters.

I don’t know about you but I have now had enough of being blamed for the global warming and global destruction narrative. I am not to blame, there are many other creators of pollution namely the petroleum, big pharma, factory food and soon to be fake food industry’s.

We have consumer power as well as personal authority, to make changes that align with God, Spirit or Universal law. We get to decide! Where we Trust and place our Faith and God by our side…

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