Killing two global problems (or maybe more) with one stone…!

Authored by Deborah Casey 20th December 2020; shared 13/02/2021

I’m not keen on plastic, indeed I really don’t like it. Yet everywhere one turns there is plastic. So instead of hating the stuff I wondered how could this monstrous material be used to promote a better environment.

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Our world has an abundance of plastic waste. Everyone knows this as a fact of life. We have a whole recycling thing going on; blue bins, green bins, brown bins, black boxes… All made of plastic.

Here in the UK we also have an abundance of water, at particular times in specific places; this is known as flooding. How many homes, people and families have been affected by flooding.

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The impact of localised flooding is destruction of home wares, loss of time at home, the human mental and emotional suffering. But also the cost of insurance, the loss of work time, the increase of pressure upon local services and the added costs…

What if there was a way to use the waste plastic to answer the flooding problem. There is one possible solution for the abundance of both AND this is nothing to do with planting trees, which I would love to do and see happen; and not just just oak, chestnut or such but fruit trees. Indeed I feel every home with a garden should have at least one fruit or nut tree at the home owners preference.

But the solution = plastic is collected, goes to recycle and into what is beyond my knowledge, but how about making 500 litre water butts. Lots and lots of them, at least about 50 million of them and then place one in every garden in the areas prone to flooding.

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Would this work? I don’t know but for one thing water butts can hold lots of water, and there is lots of plastic available to make water butts. A new start business could receive their primary material for free, and generate income to produce the butts.

There would be a storage place for all the water that causes flooding. This would reduce homes being flooded, reduce insurance premiums and prevent loss of goods, time at work and school for kids.

Those homes with the butt can use the collected water to flush toilet waste, or on their gardens, which could become sustainable kitchen gardens. If you’re on a water meter this can help to reduce your water bill; saving money on insurance and water bills is a big win for the family purse.

More broadly there are areas in the country that tend to suffer drought. Here water excess could be collected and transported to neighbouring drought areas. Supporting those areas to continue to be fertile and productive. This ties to my dream of every home having a tree that grows fruit. The same with fruit shrubs, why not have fruit shrubs growing in gardens? This would provide children a natural and home grown fresh product that is nourishing and support health living, boost the natural environment and increase the wild life populations.

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What do you think? I would love to hear comments about the notions and ideas shared on this post. I’m going to send

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