Calm Oasis Holistic Therapy Online learning

Below are course codes! Yes you can access online media classes at a reduced rate with our course codes…

Energy healing with Flower Remedies;

Mandatory training for holistic therapists;

Health and safety for Holistic therapist;

Return to work, Covid-19 current guidelines;

First aid for Holistic therapists;

Safeguarding vulnerable people for Holistic therapists;

Professional qualification Indian head massage;

Introduction to Body massage;

Professional Qualified Body massage;

Back massage with hot basalt, stone;

Professional Qualification Hot Stone Massage Therapy;

Professional Hopi Ear Candling course;

Domestic abuse and violence;

​Free Reiki course;

Level one Reiki;

Level two Reiki;

Level three Reiki;

Reiki Chakra Balance Healing Meditations, Healing Naturally;

Free A taste of Aromatherapy;

Level one Aromatherapy;

Level two Aromatherapy;

Level three Aromatherapy professional practitioner;

Free, first steps in Reflexology;

Level 1 Reflexology;

Level 2 Reflexology;

Level 3 Reflexology, professional practitioner;

Really Easy Yoga;

Homoeopathic Remedies for Acute condition;

Natural essential nutrition;

Published by Calm Oasis Holistic Therapy

Hi I am Deborah and I am a qualified holistic therapy and Reiki master teacher, I create multi media online courses at fabulous fees. I'm also a retired nurse.

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