Why Kill the Bees?

Authored by Deborah Casey

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A few weeks ago I watched a video of a Dr explaining a report, from Pakistan, about the use of raw honey and nigella sativa in the treatment of covid 19 patients; the links are below.  The report has been widely ‘fact checked’.

After this video the BBC had posted an article about the UK Government allowing use of bee killing pesticides on sugar beet in order to treat a ‘virus’ affecting seed; the government is facing legal action around this.  The EU has also lifted the use of pesticides and in 2019 Brazil lifted bans on pesticide use; the links are below.

I then come upon a video of an organic farmer from 2000, who talks through the use of organophosphates, which I believe are used as pesticides, the link is below.

My notion is that the UK Government, including the EU, has declared the use of the pesticides to treat the ‘virus’ affecting the sugar beet only after the Pakistan report came out in order to kill off the bee population and thus prevent those who use natural medicines and herbalist approaches from applying a safe and effective treatment.  

The broader issues are these pesticides destroy the soil, they enter the food chain and they can be carried on the air thus affect the air quality of all and thus lead to increased ‘covid’ or ‘new variants of disease’ = mad cow disease, CJD and MS I believe to be a serious and adverse effect of the pesticides in the food, air and water supplies. The information that is beneath the video shows Zeneca (AstraZeneca) produced phosmet with detrimental effects to herds of cows and humans alike.

Maybe there is nothing in this, maybe it is the government just creating more chaos and harms.  Besides my  notion above, I’ve no idea what to think.  I do believe the public need to be more widely informed, to alert them to avoiding regular farmed foods and to purchase organically certified or grow their own which under the current circumstances could prove a viable options.  

Also to obtain a water filter, I’ve a Berky filter and so no need for electric but also no plastics – it will last a family of four 11 years!  A link is shared into hazards that can arise with municipal waters  And here is where the conscientious mask issue comes to mind, should our air be contaminated with pesticides will the masks be beneficial when outside or near and around areas where pesticide use is in operation?  What do people think?

One thing I’ve learned recently is that activated charcoal is used to liberate the body of poisons, and apparently there is no poison can escape it’s cleansing process with the exception of some that are noted in the link shared below.  Also slippery elm can help to clean the gut and thus the body of many toxins.  There is so much more…   

I’m currently drafting a course, in natural public health with scripture, in which our Father, the Great Creator, shared how to best take care of ourselves.  Now is the time for people to also be learning the natural ways of living as for certain we cannot trust the Government with public health.

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