Public health promotion; a scriptural approach

Authored by Deborah Casey, and narrated by the same…

‘beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul’.

The earliest account of public health being promoted is found in Hebrew Scripture.  Text provides a depth and breath of clear, concise and effectively communicated Law given by God to man.  In this course we look at specific public health promotion we begin with…

Causes of poor health

Causes of improved to public health

What the scriptures informs us about public health

Steps to change and improve public health one person at a time

You may consider that there were many ancient, earlier civilisations to the Hebrews and the information found in the scriptural texts.  Indeed the ancient Mesopotamians are said to be the dawning place of civilisation.  The Mesopotamian peoples would use herbs, apply charms and spells in order to drive out the spirit creating the disease.  They practices limited sanitation and hygiene.

This course does not promote any modern day medicine systems or healthcare approaches but will utilise the contemporary nursing model of care, produced by Roper, Logan and Tierney to facilitate a scriptural approach to health promotion through natural methods given by God, there is also some reference to the world health organisation in relation to the causes of poor health.

This course does not promote or advocate religion or dogma and doctrine but does relate to Hebrew, Biblical Scripture.  Lessons are short recordings, with reading material through the scriptural texts, and the transcription of the recordings to read as you listen along. The course does include a psychological perspective of meeting holistic human needs.

I, Deborah, the course instructor, am a qualified nurse, with a BSc in nursing studies, specialising in mental health nurse, with a focus upon personality disorders and domestic abuse and violence (which there is a separate course, which has been given excellent ratings and reviews).  I also hold a number of qualifications in health and social care, administration, holistic therapy and alternative medicine.  I am also a student of the scriptures and various other beliefs systems.  I believe knowledge is power, and then pen is mightier than the sword that cuts through chaos, confusion to create clarity and a clear mind.

This concludes the primer to the course, following next is the course introduction and overview…

Course introduction and overview

Authored by Deborah Casey, and narrated by the same…

Hello friend, and welcome, thank you for choosing to come and join me and share your precious time with me, I really honoured you have chosen to join me and for to bring this course to you.  This course comes to you in three sections, with various lessons within.  This may be added to or updated as time passes, so I ask that you check in or watch out for emails coming that inform you of updates.  I suggest that when you read and listen along you make notes of any questions that arise, or write down any comments that come to mind, these may challenge what I teach and I’m happy to receive these.

How are the lessons delivered and what are we going to cover?

The lessons are provided in sections, in short recordings with these transcriptions, the sections are thus:

In section one we cover causes of poor public health; we have a quick look at Florence Nightingale who dramatically transformed nursing and medical care, I also dip into the world health organisation to support the lessons in this section.

In section two we cover the causes of good health and this is where we again look into various resources to support the learning, including scriptural texts.

In section three we cover what the scriptures informs us about public health; here I share personal thought and opinion but also scriptural texts too.  I ask that you go into the scriptures through an online search to gain a broader scope of knowledge.

In section four we cover steps to change and improve public health one person at a time; here I share what I have learned over time, but also direct to scriptural texts again.

This concludes the course introduction and overview, following next is the causes of poor public health…

Causes of poor public health

Authored by Deborah Casey, narrated by the same

‘For I will restore health to you, and your wounds I will heal, declares the Lord, because they have called you an outcast: ‘It is Zion, for whom no one cares!

In times past the causes of poor public health was due to specific issues:

  • Over crowding
  • Squalor; dark, damp and cold housing
  • Polluted water
  • Lack of hygiene
  • Poor or no sanitation
  • Poor nutrition
  • Lack of education
  • Lack of medical and dental care

In the United Kingdom throughout time there has been attempts to make changes to improve the state of living conditions and raise standards to reduce poor public health.  The Beveridge Report announced five evils; Want, disease, ignorance, squalor and idleness.  The biggest push, to address poor public health, came after the second world war, the labour party had a landslide victory and Aneurin Bevan, from a working class background, developed and implemented the NHS.  

On the surface living standards appear to have improved greatly.  Clean water and indoor plumbing – but is the water that clean?  Though indoor plumbing delivers ‘clean’ water, this is has been found to be heavily soiled with chemicals including medications that are excreted into the water systems.  Many take this water directly from the tap in their homes and drink it directly, make cups of tea or coffee, or use it in cooking – along with all the contaminants.  

With indoor plumbing here in the West we have the perceived luxury of indoor baths and showers and this is allows for improved hygiene.  Yet from the earlier comments consider how clean is the water in which we bathe? Hot water opens the skins pores and allows for tiny molecules to pass into the body and into the blood stream.  The water is filthy and contaminated and we do well to pay attention to what we are putting into our body for the scriptures inform us

‘Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;’ (1 Corinthians 6:19)

Nutrition has become a questionable issue as the numbers of people with diet related diseases has become pandemic.  Factory created produce, filled with preservatives, sugar (in many names), harmful fats and other noxious substances pollute and destroy the body and create poor health.  Likewise the medical and dental systems use harmful, synthetic and also natural yet harmful substances that produce side effects, to some degree, in the person, ultimately the toxic load builds and the person ages more rapidly and experiences various symptoms that become the profile picture of a diagnosis.  Diagnosis can be helpful, and modern medicine provides great investigative procedures, although some are harmful though not necessarily immediately.  Surgical procedures can save lives, other times they have been found to have been completely unnecessary, such as the medical mesh implants used for uterine prolapse, bladders, bowels and hernias.

The causes of poor public health also includes poor air quality due to pollution, but here I refer to the deliberate pollution through geo-engineering which is deliberately cooling the Earth’s temperatures as the claims of rising CO2 is causing climate change; I suggest the pollutants, which are known to harm the brain tissues, are the cause of climate change.  In ancient times the climate changes, the land mass shrunk and people adapted and survived.  The argument around global warming is based upon a naturally occurring gas rising in level.  

Personally I worry more about the levels of carbon monoxide that is dumped into the air from every central heating system that replaced coal fires but also the number of trees decimated to be burned in electric stations and which raise a question of contradiction.

For me the main causes of modern day poor public health are:

Disconnection from God, or Creator, loss of common law and national constitution

Thoughts, beliefs, poor values, lack of discipline

World Economic forum and the world health organisation

Politicians and political policy that serve to dehumanise and degrade people

Those who claim to be philanthropic and who force their personal agenda’s upon populations

Rushed vaccinations and a denial of alternative medicines

Air pollution from geo-engineering

Water pollution from chemicals, medicines excreted into the system and geo-engineering coming down as rainfall

Poor nutrition from factory produced foods and include genetically modified organisms and lack of natural nourishing foods

Poor soil quality and lack of education around good health and causes of good health.

This now concludes this part of learning and we now move onto the causes of good health…

Further reading is provided with links below.

Developments in public health and welfare

Public health in the industrial revolution

The Beveridge Report

The Cumberledge Report

The Consequences Of Geoengineering, 10 Critical Points

The causes of good health

Authored by Deborah Casey and narrated by the same

‘Wine is a mocker and beer a brawler; whoever is led astray by them is not wise’.  (Proverbs 20:1)

So in contrast to the causes of poor health good health is living in an open, spacious and clean environment, clean air and water devoid of chemicals and medicine residues, improved hygiene and sanitation, improved nutrition through natural and organic vegetables, fruit and nuts, meat, eggs and fish.  

Education that includes spiritual connection through scriptural teachings, whether that be Hebrew, Buddhist, Hindu, this develops a relationship with a Creator or Creative force.  Natural medical and dental care.  

The issue of politics is personal, however I urge that you are mindful to whom you give your authority to, and what their past says about them, do they server the people or do they serve themselves whilst claiming to serve their constituents.  Abuse of power leads to your suppression – essential your vote, gives your authority for them to do unto you as they wish!

Your religious beliefs and values are also personal, however they should never inflict harm or ill-will upon another, because what you sow is what you reap, or such as karma, it will return to you rapidly and life will mirror back to you who you are and how you are.

Develop a relationship with your Creator, and apply spiritual practices of prayer, meditation and breathing practices every day; your breath is from Holy Spirit, or Creator, or God.  

This is yours, a mask will limit this life force breathed into you at birth.  In nursing practice, and in administering emergency first aid, when addressing emergencies one has to maintain a clear airway, a mask does not maintain a clear airway.

Educate at home

Parents take charge of your child’s curriculum, what is fed to the mind is what leads to the adult they are to become.  It is well known the first seven years are the foundational years and these create the adult and thereafter the potential for a successful or poverty life.

Clean up politics

Restoration of Common law and British constitution, the immediate cessation of geo-engineering and clean up of our water supplies.  Giving people their common rights to using common lands to grow food and raise livestock…

Clean up the air

Clean air includes restoring forestation – brown areas could be restored to wild life areas, each person with a garden could plant a tree, maybe a fruit tree to gain a supply of fruit, thus supporting the pollinators, birds love trees and trees love CO2 and helping to clean the air.  Stopping geo-engineering will also stop the rain bringing down chemicals that enter the water.

Cleaning up the water that comes into your home

The municipal water supply is full of chemicals; chlorination and fluoridation, medicines and other substances all come through the tap or shower head.  This enters the body and causes toxicity.  

A Berky filter will serve a family of 4 for 11 years, it removes just about everything except a virus that would need to be smaller than those we encounter currently, thereafter boiling cleans water and this can be energised with lemon slices, mint, honey or other herbs and spices. Cooking with clean water allows for better flavour food and you know it is not coated with toxins.

It may seem expensive, especially at the current times, but pray and seek support from your Creator; God makes a way where there is no way!  I found myself paying out for a Berky filter and worried about the money, but it is an investment in my good health; what price is good health for yourself and your family?  There are shower heads that can also help to filter out chemical residues.

Ultimately the municipal services need to consider what they can do to better improve the water being delivered into peoples home, a good dose of honesty may shock people but the truth can lead to people being more pro-active in cleaning up their acclivities and their water.

Clean up nutrition

Good health is founded upon good food.  A simple diet full of vegetables, fruit and nuts, eggs from free ranging hens, meat from free roaming, grass fed cattle, and where vegetarianism is practised then organically grown is good.

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Clean up exercise

Couch potatoe or athlete, exercise and movement is vital for improving and good health.  Daily exercise is vital and a requisite.

Clean up your home

Natural fabrics and natural cleaning items, are a first step to improving your living conditions.  Open the windows daily, and let in light and air to freshen up the spaces.  

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This now concludes this part of learning and we now move onto the causes of good health and scriptural texts…

Causes of good health and scriptural texts

Before progressing onto scriptural texts that promote public health I want to share a humanist psychologists approach to health and well-being.  I feel it helpful to have various perspectives as a backdrop to the matter of public health promotion.  

Abram Maslow offered a hierarchy of needs to explain peoples motivations and behaviours.  Abraham Maslow was described as a humanist psychologist, who argued that peoples actions are motivated to achieve meeting certain needs.  

In 1943 Abram introduced the construct of a hierarchy of needs in his paper ‘A Theory of Human Motivation’ followed up by his book ‘Motivation and Personality’.  Abram’s model proposes that people are compelled to fulfil various basic and fundamental needs before progressing onto the next level needs.

At the time Maslow introduced his model there were various other schools of thought; psychoanalysis and behaviourism which concentrated on problematic behaviours but seemed to avoid beliefs, values and attitudes.  In contrast it is believed that Abram was more concerned about what created joy and happiness in people, and the actions they take to achieve those aims.  

It is said that Abram, a humanist, believed people hold an inborn tendency to be self-actualised, that is to be all they can be and to feel fulfilled in life.  From meeting basic needs through to fulfilment and actualisation the hierarchy is demonstrated by a triangle or often noted as a pyramid.

Physiological Needs;

Breathing; clean air

Water; clean water

Food; organic nutrition

Homoeostases; bodily regulation and balance

Hearth and home; shelter and warmth

Security and Safety Needs;

Financial security; through employment, safe banking systems to hold safely personal finances, safety from theft

Health and wellness; daily exercise, access to natural approaches, access to emergency medical treatment

Safety; personal safety from harms from others, protections against accidents and injury, access to equipment and items to support protection and promote safety

Social Needs;

Friendships; connection to others promotes good mood

Romantic attachments; close, warm and compatible relationship and marriage and lead to children and family

Family; our parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, our marriage partner and children

Social groups; educational, employment, health groups

Community groups; connection and communication

Churches and religious organizations; nourishing the soul and developing the spirit

Esteem Needs; 

Upon the previous level of needs being satisfied, the person can move onto the fourth level of The need, for appreciation, prestige, personal worth and respect.  The person has accomplished a goal, they seek to have their achievements recognised.  This provides the person a sense of being valued by others and that they are contributing to community and the world.  A person who lacks self-esteem and respect from others can experience a sense of inferiority, of being lesser than and unworthy of others respect, they can feel isolated and vulnerable to abuse by those of a devious nature.  Esteem begins with self, it includes:

Personal values, beliefs

Personal authority

Personal autonomy


Self respect

Self appreciation

Self-Actualization Needs

Self-actualisation is the fifth level of the hierarchy of needs.  Maslow is said to have defined self actualisation as followed; ‘It may be loosely described as the full use and exploitation of talents, capabilities, potentialities, etc. Such people seem to be fulfilling themselves and to be doing the best that they are capable of doing. They are people who have developed or are developing to the full stature of which they capable’.  He also stated ‘What a man can be, he must be…’ and was referring to the need, people hold, to attain their full potential as human beings.  People who are self-actualised are said to be self-aware, concerned with personal growth, less concerned by the opinions of others and interested in fulfilling their own potential; here a person can become disconnected to the impact, which can be harmful towards others, upon individuals, communities and the nation.  

A nursing model of health promotion

‘Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security’.  Jeremiah 33:6

Roper, Logan and Tierney developed a nursing model that covers 12 elements of daily living.  The aim of the model was to help nurses assess patients needs, and to create plans of care that promoted recovery and health.  Patient care plans are cyclical and under review throughout a nursing shift and at the end of a shift.  The nursing model remains applicable after patient recovery as a method to promote public health and retain optimum well-being but also considers end of life and death of a person as a natural process of life.  A generally healthy person will be able to complete all activities associated with each daily living, and even the issue of death can be met with a last will and testament and pre-planned services that meet the individuals requirements.  

The activities of living listed in the Roper-Logan-Tierney Model of Nursing are:

  1. maintaining a safe environment
  2. communication
  3. breathing
  4. eating and drinking
  5. elimination
  6. washing and dressing
  7. controlling temperature
  8. mobilization
  9. working and playing
  10. Sleeping
  11. Sexuality
  12. Death

The link below takes you to a page upon which you will find another pyramid approach applied to the nursing model, but also provides several chapters of learning that will enable greater understanding of this nursing concept, including the person, the environment and health.

Where Maslow provided a framework for self-actualisation based upon meeting fundamental needs Roper, Logan and Tierney provided a broader scope of those needs but this was to teach student nurses how to assess, plan, implement and evaluate provision of care, to promote recovery through to discharge of patient home.  As a model to promote public health each element gives an area of life in which to explore more fully, this exploration can include the religious, spiritual and mental health needs of people for example the end of life care, death rites and passages of one person can vastly differ to another based upon what their religious beliefs are.  

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The Scriptures and public health promotion call back…

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