Holistic Approaches ten tips to incremental health improvements

Authored by Deborah Casey

In the world of holistic therapy the connection of mind, body and soul, or as I prefer brain, body, being, is achieved through the application of a variety of activities of daily living. The notion of activities of daily living was developed by Roper, Logan and Tierney in their nursing model based on a model of living which addresses all areas of activities that the person undertakes each day from maintaining a safe environment to sleeping at night. And just in case you are wondering what this nursing model is about here is a list of the areas that are assessed using the model:

  1. maintaining a safe environment
  2. communication
  3. breathing
  4. eating and drinking
  5. elimination
  6. washing and dressing
  7. controlling temperature
  8. mobilisation
  9. working and playing
  10. sleeping

From the basis above I share with you a holistic and complementary therapists holistic approach below based upon my own personal application to my own daily activity of living:

Maintaining a safe environment

A safe environment is something every person requires to live, rest and play. A home is where the heart is and there are some primary distractions that can wreck havoc in the home. The TV with constant Covid cases, even though there’s a 99.8% recovery rate we are bombarded with the death rate, which is nothing out of the normal to other years spanning back to 2012! I don’t watch TV but I have had to cut my hours of Youtube consumption – there is nothing worse for the health and immunity of a person than constant fear provoking news and programmes.

Your first step to boosting wellbeing and strengthening your immunity is to switch off the technology. Clean up your home, feather your nest nicely with natural fabrics and reduce clutter. Open the curtains and shutters and the windows, let light and air flood your home. Even if it is cold doing this for about 30 minutes a day refreshes your environment. Other matters are such things as trailing cables, footwear and floor coverings, spillages on slippery surfaces…


There are many aspects to communication the fundamental is to relay a message and for that to be received by the other person and understood. There are many individuals, who use ‘word salad’ tactics to deliberately confuse and hurt people. They are toxic and best avoided. In relation to the above matters of TV programmes such as the news, finding reliable information is a life saver; UK Column News has proved a good source without the fear porn of the main stream media propaganda.

But what about the inner dialogue you hold power over? Do you have a constant inner, two way discussion about matters of life? I have held these many times, always hearing both sides of the argument – creating my own inner chaos! Sitting quietly, with notepad and pen, centring and focussing you can write out the matters mindfully and patiently. Remember that if you share your environment you may not want others to snoop into your private meanderings and so storing your notebook in a safe place is recommended; and that in itself suggests a possible toxic situation to be addressed!


At this time Governments have issued that people have to wear masks with some exceptions. These people are abusing their power make no mistake about that as the risk assessment around reducing the airway does not seem apparent and hypercapnia is a real risk to all who wear a mask especially for extended periods. The first rule of thumb is to have a clear and unobstructed airway and masks do little to ensure this. The other thing is that the oral and nasal bacteria become caught up in the mask and this becomes a harbour of pathogens being inhaled back into the lungs and up into the brain, along with nanoparticles of fabric and chemicals that are used in manufacture.

In the case of breathwork we can use slowing and deepening breathes to reduce anxiety and panic. Circular breathing – inhale to the count of 4 seconds, pause to the count of 4 seconds, release to the count of 4 seconds and then pause to the count of 4 seconds and inhale… repeat several times. Including Aromatherapy and pure essential oils can also bring added relaxation and beauty to the soul and something I love to include in my regular daily practices of living. I view all my activities of living as Spiritual Practices;
Breathing, meditation, prayer and self-healing with Reiki

Eating and drinking

By far the most important part of this subject is hydration. But this is in relation to water – not fizzy soda’s or caffeine drinks which dehydrate the body; small amounts, infrequently could be safe and fine however the long term consumption has been found to be detrimental – just look at the state of the health of the nation!

Hydration with filtered water that is energised with lemon, mint leaves, apple cider vinegar, raw organic honey or other natural sources to flavour and restore healing properties. Something such as liquorice can help to remove phlegm and reduce thick secretions and support the adrenal glands.

Nutrition with fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds, oats, eggs, butter and meat from organic sources is recommended. Avoid soya products this is based on the myth of being a great food – it affects the oestrogen of the body but also vast amounts of the rainforest are burnt down the production of soy resulting in lost habitat for animals but also for native indigenous tribes – but also burning all those trees begs the questions about global warming and the greenhouse gas affect – PS carbon dioxide is a natural gas and the trees love it! Plant a tree or several and help rebuild our green beauty 🙂

Photo by Laura James on Pexels.com


Waste products are eliminated from the body through the skin in perspiration, through the urinary system via urine, and through the colon and out of the bowel via faeces. Elimination also occurs through expelling air during breathing, tears when crying or through watering eyes due to an allergen and through saliva when spat out. These are the various ways the body reduces toxic load and maintains balance of various gases and chemicals such as those in found in electrolytes.

One of the main problems many complain of today is constipation. There are a few natural and easy methods of supporting the colon and bowel to aid expulsion of faeces. A low residue diet is high in carbohydrate and low in fibrous foods; pasta, cereals, bread and such all cause the colon to slow down and become sluggish. Lack of pure and natural water is another contributory cause of constipation and lack of exercise also slows the colon.

Green vegetables are high in roughage and fibre, so too linseeds and fruits such as apples and pears. Sipping warm water with lemon and a little honey before breakfast can fire up the liver which is sluggish where there is constipation, and this little drink does help in a massive way.

Sipping warm water throughout the day is also useful to help improve colon and bowel movements to ease passage of faeces. Easy exercise such as walking, swimming and chi kung can also help to gently move the motions of the colon and bowel, they also improve mobility and flexibility too.

Bellows breath breathing practice can also help to stimulate the colon and fire up the energy for the day when conducted early in the morning. A hot tub and/or sauna can also help with elimination of waste through the skin using heat and this promotes thirst and so drinking that warm lemon and honey or mint water to aid hydration and continue eliminating and promote electrolyte balance.

And before going to bed enjoy a gentle tummy massage to help keep things moving; a lovely blend of essential oils, chamomile and lavender in coconut oil will aid relaxation too.

Washing and dressing… please check back for updates as this is a work in progress…

Hobbies; take time for doing those things that you love, that engage your creativity and take you to a place of timelessness. For some it is knitting, others it’s reading, playing guitar, cooking, or gardening. Other activities include singing, dancing, playing cards or scrabble, jigsaw puzzles, and charades. These maybe old fashioned but they disconnect from the internet and get you to focus into reality. The pleasure is in the focused attention to the activity and the outcome.

Daily practices of Gratitude, Appreciation, Blessing. This connects with mind and thoughts because what we think is what we become much the same as the notion “you are what you eat”! Focused attention can maintain a clear mind and create deep inner silence begin with disconnecting from anything that triggers negative states of feeling and thinking – Brexit is designed to cause distress, distress causes stress and pressure and that results in illness – so switch it off it isn’t helping you to improve your health.
Bathing; whether it is a shower or a bath this can ease tension and relax Brain and Body and that leads to improve feelings of well-being. Add Himalayan salt to the bath and soak the natural minerals in the salts help to ease the muscles. I find Linseed gel, Shea butter with essential oils a wonderful alternative to soap especially for dry and sensitive skin and areas. My Aromatherapy course (level 3 demonstrates how to create this natural product for yourself)

Bed; making your bed and lying in it what a lovely statement. I’ve had much healing and recovering to do from many different issues and this statement really came home to me one day as I was appreciating my home and my life. I found myself thinking “yes I have made my bed and I really enjoy lying in it”! A marker of the enjoyment I’ve found in life.

Clutter and Rubbish; I’m a hoarder and have had struggle to depart with a lot of stuff. But I made slow and steady, incremental changes to releasing that which held a powerful and painful memory. With the space now available, physically and emotionally I found I’f freed up more time and energy to focus more fully on doing life as I loved.
End the day as you began with breathing practices… this calms the mind and body in preparation for…

Sleep; sound sleep is vital to health and well-being. It is a time of healing, recovering and restoring vitality. I had a decade of pain and suffering from MESH injuries and lost sleep. I now find as I recover from MESH excision that I am sleeping much better. However where there is no identifiable cause of sleep issues then sleep hygiene could help. As too can essential oils, reducing caffeine, journelling and Reiki practice.

Deborah is currently in the process of creating a new course, Practices and Principles of Good health, check back for the release date and access links with promotional, affordable one off fees.

Deborah Casey is a fully qualified, experienced and insured professional holistic therapist in the modalities she practices. She has practised both as a lay person and in a qualified professional status almost 3 decades. Her favourite modalities of Holistic Therapy is Aromatherapy and Reiki. These blog posts and the courses she has created all formulate part of her on going personal and professional development and growth.

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Hi I am Deborah and I am a qualified holistic therapy and Reiki master teacher, I create multi media online courses at fabulous fees. I'm also a retired nurse.

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