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Learning natural therapy solutions for personal pleasure or to become a qualified and professional holistic therapist was one of my greatest achievements. From this learning I went onto study and qualify in Nursing; mental health and with particular focus upon Elderly care and Personality disorders. But due to medical device injury I had to leave nursing and stop any professional practice in therapy.

However I was not stopped by the agnony and debility of mesh injuries and though it took a great deal of focus and many attempts I created a diverse range of educational and training, multi-media courses.

In 2019 I was finally liberated of mesh, which was found embedded around my ureters; I am lucky and grateful to be allive today and though I still have issues I am 100% better in my health and well-being.

At times I feel the current issues around the Covid are overwhelming and that iconcerns have been hyped up to create a dread and fear around the world. Whilst there are corona viruses, we have lived with them for some 2 thousand or so years. But Covid is a noval virus or is that a conspiracy? Who knows? But what I do know we have to Cancel Covid and begin to rebuild our lives and begin to future focus forward – a concept I spoke with my friend about some months ago now.

What is future focus forward? It is simply dragging our attention away from now, and projecting to the future and seeing the steps and stages along the way. In this forward focus you get to choose and decide what the end game is; do you want to stand in your own garden sowing seeds and watching them grow in fertile soil. This analogy of gardening can apply to your own mind, to your own decisions…

No one has ever lost out when investing in their education; and besides knowledge is power and empowering yourself is vital for you, your family, friends and your community now more than ever holistic therapy is essential learning. This is because the traditional medical model is becoming obsolete, it is unsustainable! The chemicals used to make systhetic drugs impact the environment harshly – for example they are flushed out of the body into the water systems and they cannot be removed. These drug residues continue to circulate in the waters and so everyone, even those who do not need such drugs are getting a daily dose!

Natural therapy, is based in the notion that God gifted us a garden and every herb within it… now you may not be religious but Spiritual, the same principle applies and every natural substance sustains us and our environment.

One example that may bend your mind is that of CO2, a natural gas that trees love and need and exhange with oxygen… and a short presentation is avialable in my MeWe group where I go into that a little more….

But back to natural therapy below are some links to some of the courses available and are affordable to support you in your future focus forward… With out online learning tools you can begin your future now with a focus forward in therapy and I look forward to your joining me in further learning šŸ™‚

Enjoy your learning by clicking along and signing up today šŸ™‚

Note some of these courses are educational, can lead to a professional qualification and support you in your health and well-being practice, those family members and loved ones, friends and prospective clients.

Free tast of Aromatherapy; first stage of learning

Level One Aromatherapy; the second stage of learning

Level Two Aromatherapy; the third stage of learning

Professional Aromatherapy Diploma; the final stage of learning and becoming a professional Aromatherapist

Professional Body massage; Swedish style.

Introduction to body massage; first stage of learning

Energy healing modes include:

Homoeopathy, Flower Essences and Schuessler tissue salts and below are links to our courses available here on Udemy:

Homoeopathic Remedies for acute conditions

Energy healing with Flower Remedies

Introduction to Schuessler Tissue Salts

And lastly you may find the following course interesting and supportive in your healing practices;

Reiki Chakra Balance Healing Meditations; Healing Naturally.

Natural Essential Nutrition

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Hi I am Deborah and I am a qualified holistic therapy and Reiki master teacher, I create multi media online courses at fabulous fees. I'm also a retired nurse.

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