Author Deborah Casey 19/01/2021; Level one, beginners course in Reflexology

Natural and Holistic therapy for health and well-being


The following is an excerpt from our learning pathway for Reflexology course, which provides 4 stages of learning, from ‘First steps in Reflexology’ all the way through to ‘Professional qualification Reflexology course’…

Your next step

After completing your ‘First steps in Reflexology’ course will you know that this treatment a natural, holistic therapy treatment.  You will understand that Reflexology uses specific techniques applied to the feet to restore well-being or maintain health.  

You will also know the difference between foot massage and Reflexology and much more which provides a broad and brief understanding of the subject learned.

Reflexology is a highly sought after therapy and is valued in spas, wellness clinics, and some hospices and hospitals, it also found in beauty spas and beauty therapy centres.   Reflexology uses specific techniques applied to the feet to restore well-being or maintain health, ultimately it produces a deep relaxation to the mind and this impacts positively on the body.

As a progressive path of learning you are able to gently and easily learn at your own pace, practice upon your own feet, and eventually move onto practising on a generally healthy friend and then onto volunteer ‘clients’ who will support your case studies.

As there is a lot to learn training is provided in separate levels, in the starting course there is research for supporting Reflexology as a treatment option and the use of this modality in palliative care.  In this level one course, that follows on from ‘first steps in Reflexology’  you learn to apply Reflexology to your own feet.

Students also further their knowledge base into this modality.  Students will need some basic products and equipment but should be affordable if they don’t already have them in their home.

This course provides a progressive path of learning.  Students will need to successfully complete course assessments and attained their certificate before progressing onto their level 2 Reflexology course which then can lead to a professional diploma qualification allowing them to practice as professional Reflexologists.

Who this course is for

This course is for students who have completed ‘First steps in Reflexology’ and are moving through their pathway of learning to become a qualified professional Reflexologist.

This course may also simply be of interest and students want to know more and maybe incorporate Reflexology into their well-being practices.

After completing this level one beginner’s course in Reflexology, you will:

Have a deepened your understanding of Reflexology, foot maps, zones and reflex points

Be able to identify when not to use Reflexology

Understand some of the basic anatomy and physiology related to reflex points

Be able to apply Reflexology to your own feet in a self-treatment practice

Understand some of the benefits of treatment

Understand possible responses to treatment

Understand after care and what you must do to improve treatment benefits

Know how to progress onto the next level of learning and what the requirements are


You will have lifetime and unlimited access to the course.

You will access supportive and supplementary materials.

You will have access to a question and answer platform.

You will receive a Udemy certificate of completion.

If you have any questions, or feel confused about anything, you can contact me in the platform or send me a message. I’m here to help, good manners recommended.


There is a short and brief assessment that can be completed in your own time, this is a simple and straightforward process of copying questions into a word document and then answering them.

Note: from time to time all our courses are reviewed and may be updated so the material may change this is done to simply ensure that the information is pertinent to your learning outcomes.

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