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Authored by Deborah Casey 18/01/2021


This is a short online course that is based upon my own education and learning, and my own personal use of homeopathy.  This is the first two parts and other parts will follow so check back…

Let us begin with where the word homoeopathy and then take a look at a definition of the word…

1. The word homoeopathy is derived from two Greek words; ο Χόμιος which translates and means homios and Πάθος which translates and means pathos. These two Greek words are combined together they translate and mean similar suffering.

2. Homoeopathic medicine is founded upon ancient wisdom as developed by Hippocrates and much later Dr Samuel Hahnemann shunned by many in conventional medicine of his time and still today shunned. However it is interesting that the British Royal Family, in particular the monarch of the time, has a homoeopath in their employ and is said to take a black box of remedies with her wherever she goes. The placebo affect is another issue that is often referred to however this would suggest the power is in the belief around the remedy or treatment – if this is so then it could be that we simply address our beliefs and then we won’t require medicine but this is simply silly as there are times when conventional medicine is absolutely necessary.

3. Homoeopathy is also a holistic and system of natural medicine; the homoeopathic doctor or practitioner will take a full and complete history of their patient that is different to that of a conventional medical practitioner.

A conventional medical practitioner often is limited to a few minutes with a patient; they will look at one symptom such as back pain, tummy pain, or sore eyes or a headache. There can be simple solutions to these problems such as back pain could be a sign of kidney infection and plenty fluids can help to clear this up but if there are other symptoms then further treatment can be provided however over use of anti-biotics can pose further problems.

A homoeopathic doctor/practitioner will provide time to their patient, around an hour for their first consultation. They will take a full history of the person as they recognise the person is more than a back pain, tummy pain, sore eyes or a headache. This consultation includes how the person is feeling, what has been going on in their daily lives, what irritates and what soothes the patient as these help to indicate the most suitable remedy for the suffering.

In acute states there can be a very direct application of homoeopathy such as after major surgery to the abdomen and the pelvic organs such as the uterus and can lead to use of hypericum, arnica, staphysagria and Nux vomica which all aid relief of post-surgical healing. The flower remedies, which are based upon the homoeopathic method, are also useful in pre and post-surgical care and my own experience lent to the use of a blend which incorporated bluebell and helped with a sense of positivity which aids recovery.

4. Homoeopathy is also a system of medicine that uses natural material, processed in a manner than renders the substance harmless yet potentised to give maximum yet gentle affect. The homoeopathic system is founded upon minimum and single dosing. The high dilution renders the product safe and so eliminates the risk of harm.

By contrast most conventional medicines are synthetic chemical compounds and side effects are an accepted component of them. Conventional medicine also accepts that their medicines and treatments will have a ‘kill rate’ for example in surgical procedure a patient could die from anaesthetic or blood loss and medications such as blood thinners can lead to severe bruising, bleeding and complications requiring immediate emergency care. There are many medicines that incorporate natural substances such as mint in stomach preparations and Senna in constipation relief medicines.

It is interesting to note that there is an area of homoeopathy that conventional medicine has taken as its own. This is the world of vaccines in homoeopathy they are known as nosodes. Vaccines are also based upon tiny amounts of pathogenic material being held in a medium and then used to promote immunity. Many people do have issues with vaccination as the medium in which the pathogenic material is contained is made up of heavy metals and other material believed to be toxic.

In the world of homoeopathy Dr Edward Bach, a UK western trained physician, researched and developed vaccines in 1919. He had survived the Spanish flu pandemic and the treatments and precautions utilised at the time proved of little benefit. In 1929 Dr Bach left conventional medicine and moved onto develop the flower remedy system.

My own perspective on both homoeopathic and conventional medicine is that both can complement each other, that in some instances homoeopathy could replace conventional medicine and to always retain an open mind as this way a person can benefit from the two worlds of medicine. I am also very lucky my own medical GP is a qualified and practicing homoeopath and when I do require medical care I can discuss the option of something else.

5. So in a nutshell homoeopathy is a holistic, alternative and natural system of medicine that is founded and developed, upon and from, ancient wisdom by qualified physicians. This is a method that can be used very easily along with contemporary medicine and medical practices. It can at times replace conventional medicine and be used without side effects however if the wrong remedy is used there may be no symptom improvement or there could be a ‘proving’. Thorough education and training can ensure that the right remedy, at the right potency, at the right frequency is identified and provided.

Why Homoeopathy?

By similar things a disease is produced and through the application of the like is cured.”

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, over 2000 years ago

1. My personal perspective around the question ‘why homoeopathy?’ is founded upon the fact that conventional medicine provided no relief for pain arising from medical injuries. I was at a loss and I was in constant questioning of my mind, full of doubt as my original medical physician provided some dubious diagnosis; ‘all made up’ and ‘all in the mind’ and then packaged me off with a prescription for a cocktail of pain relief and laxative to deal with constipation that the pain relief would cause.

As time passed I enrolled onto my homoeopathic home study course I was desperate for help and I really believe in self-help and my own beginning point was learning. I was supposed to complete my course within 9 months it took 18 months as I delved deeply and read extensively. During this time I discovered my liver and kidneys had been damaged from side effects of the prescribed medicines, which can happen and so care must be taken and regular medication checks undertaken to assess the patients’ health status. I was horrified to discover my vital organs had been damaged and in conventional systems very little hope is offered but I turned to both herbalism and homoeopathy and used both to good effect and great outcome.

Nux vomica helped to ease my anger which I held a lot of, and an herbal tincture was taken thrice a day for six months and by the time I had a new medical practitioner I was feeling rough but on the mend but suffering an infection. My new GP, still my current practitioner, is a homoeopath; he requested blood testing after I had informed him of the diagnosis of my liver and kidneys. They had healed. My suffering ended last year with the removal of a medical device and both pre and post-surgically I used homoeopathy primarily for my mood and emotion but also applied Reiki.

My consultant surgeon was hesitant in my use of homoeopathy after surgery in case it affected the tinziparin medication that prevents blood clots which cause deep vein thrombosis and can lead to death. It was after this surgery I was found to be extremely sensitive to the opiate pain killers but that was ok because I was able to use Arnica, hypericum, staphisagria and nux vomica along with my flower remedy mix.

I’ve met a few other women who had a similar medical device with similar and same medical injury and who also used homoeopathy, they felt their post-surgical recovery was quicker and that they felt more comfortable. They were also qualified nurses and so have background training in the traditional western training of nursing.

2. In my learning I came across the famous and peace promoting Gandhi, and whose statements and comments I resonate with. He stated ‘homoeopathy is the latest and refined method of treating patients economically and none violently’. He furthered his observation and offered encouraging comment about homoeopathy by stating ‘Governments must encourage and patronise it in our county’. Ghandi clearly understood the benefit of homoeopathy to the person when he commented ‘Homoeopathy, which in reality cures a larger percentage of cases than any other treatment, and it is beyond all doubt safer and the most complete medical science’. In Gandhi’s view, which I resonate with, is the safety, the completeness of science and the factors of none violent treatment and the financial viability of this method.

3. My third thought about why homoeopathy is around our British Royal Family and the Queens employment of a homoeopath and the use of homoeopathy to the extent she carries her own ‘black box of remedies when out and about’. Also His Royal Highness, Prince Charles is also patron to the Faculty of Homeopathy in the UK. He also uses this method. Sadly our NHS has decided that homoeopathy is little more than placebo and so makes a nonsense of the Queens use of this system or that fact it is recognised worldwide by millions of people for example around 9 million UK peoples use homoeopathy, 27% of German citizens, 40% of French population and under French law a pharmacist is legally obligated to fill a homoeopathic prescription, and India is by far the greatest employers of homoeopathy with 62% of Indian people using this approach. Just going back to HRH Prince Charles, in a letter stated ‘homoeopathy offers an holistic, patient-centred, low-risk, low-cost, low-tech approach’ and that “for all these reasons it must surely make abundant sense to safeguard the HHs [homeopathic hospitals] in the interests of the nation’s health.’

4. Another thing about why homoeopathy is this approach is also used very safely with animals, pet or farm animal both have been affectively treated. There are some who claim that the successful outcomes of homoeopathic treatment are down to the owner’s claims that the treatment worked and the placebo effect, or the belief of the owners.

5. And finally my thoughts about ‘why homoeopathy’, throughout the some 300 years since Samuel Hahnemann developed this approach many traditionally trained medical physicians in conventional medicine have taken up study of this methodology, they have learned and practiced effectively this approach. Even one such Dr attempted to upend homoeopathy only to become an advocate and practitioner of the approach.

How Homoeopathy

In brief there are Three Fundamental Principals of Homoeopathy

The Law of Similars – matching the symptom picture of an illness to a natural substance that produces similar symptoms in a healthy person.

Totality of Symptoms – Close examination of each individual’s presenting symptoms is required to match the symptom picture of the appropriate remedy.

Minimum Dose – In homoeopathy a small amount of the prescribed remedy is administered to stimulate the patient’s own healing mechanism. This is closely monitored by a professional homoeopathic practitioner as too much of a remedy may cause an aggravation of symptoms.

Application of these principals ensure that each individual’s prescription is unique to them and matched to the way they present their ‘dis-ease’ symptoms.


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