Hot Stone Massage

Professional Qualification diploma course

Author Deborah Casey 14/01/21

Natural, holistic and complimentary therapy for improved health, vitality and well-being.


Massage therapy with hot stones is a wonderful decadent therapy that is luxurious and an advance practice to add to Swedish body massage and a great addition to aromatherapy massage. Indeed the hot stones, or the cooling marble stones, offer many therapeutic benefits. I have provided combination therapy, in my private clinic, using heated stones with aromatic oils, and I have used heated stones in Reflexology and I have used the heated stones in a way that never required another person to apply them. In this course I teach the traditional application of heated stones as taught to me, you will also learn about the cooling marble stones and marine stones; please note at the present time this course is being reviewed and updated.

The past has provided a rich, vibrant and wonderful array of holistic and complimentary therapy which in today’s contemporary society have become ever more invaluable as health services are stretched and many people are suffering burn out from stress, tension and anxiety. 

These mind states can create real physical tension in the body and the body sends signals of disturbances such as restlessness, agitation, indigestion, insomnia, pain, mind fog, confusion and a sense of emotional chaos, all as warning symptoms to stop and make changes. 

We find in ancient cultures the value of traditional healing practices, known as holistic therapy, a way to relax and relieve the mind and body of these states and this then allows a flow of expression and reconnection to soul and spirit.

When we apply heated volcanic basalt stone to the body tension begins to dissolve, there ensues a relief of tightness and restriction and aches and pains are soothed and eased and results in deeper comfort.  From the basis of heating stones hot stone massage developed and has now become a world wide therapy most often provided in spas and retreats.

This is a decadent therapy, a therapy that indulges the mind, body and soul and the basalt stones provide a grounding energy, they help to clear the chakras of any negativity and restore balanced to the brain, body, being.

Professional Qualification Diploma in Hot stone massage therapy provides a fully comprehensive course of study. Upon successful completion of course criteria (below) students can apply for a professional diploma and access to professional membership group (international membership) and professional practitioner indemnity insurance (UK and EU member states at present time) those in other locales will need to make enquiries about insurance and regulations pertinent to their location.

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